Our Mission

This is an influential project that helps the daily lives of people living with Ataxia.  The Ataxia&Research Solution Event helps Ataxia people by funding through crowdfunding donations. We are making a daily difference in the living situation and quality of people who have Ataxia with home improvement needs, nursing care, and aid equipment needs. Ataxia&Research Solution Event changes the lives of people who have Ataxia.

Application process

To apply for your need please contact the email address:  marthamarieharlam@gmail.com

You can also go to the Ataxia&Research Solution Event website to read about our history and our work: https://miracle-answer.org

Application Process

General information

Ataxia has affected millions of people worldwide since 1983. The most prevalent of the neurological disease being Friedrichs Ataxia. This project works closely with the National Ataxia Foundation USA, Ataxia UK and EuroAtaxia charities. This is a more people oriented Care needs project.

Once the applicant reaches their need funding goal we donate the rest of our yearly funds to the charities associated with Ataxia research.

Your donation today can change the daily situation of an Ataxia sufferer!

Events for 2021

The Gift of Music – December 01 – 15, 2021

1)  You MUST email me :       marthamarieharlam@gmail.com.

2)  I need your charity registration number and the name of the Ataxia charity!

To access the Ataxia code and the registration link – Ask / email for the Ataxia code before you login to register.

Dear Ms Harlam,

Many thanks for your kind reply.

We are happy to offer you a code for 200 vouchers to the Digital Concert Hall for Ataxia charities. The code can be redeemed 200 times – first come, first served !

The code is valid until 15.12.2021.

When users register at digitalconcerthall.com/register they are offered 9 days of free access. They can access the Ataxia code from you.

Our voucher code generated exclusively, 9 days , for Ataxia charities adds two extra days of access to the Digital Concert Hall.

If you have any further questions, please let me know.

We wish you lots of joy with the Digital Concert Hall.

Kind regards,
Anna Kolbert

November is caregivers month

Serious requests for Ataxia ( local radio station for 1 week  ) anyone can ask anytime on behalf of the Ataxia&Research Solution Event – contact marthamarieharlam@gmail.com

The Expo In Dubai has officially begun one year later than planned. From 1 October 2021 – March 2022 the Expo will show its exhibitions.

The Solution partners are going to the Expo Dubai. We promote awareness about your mission. Whether you are a business, charity or individual . Solution partners help to be the answer to global Problems.

Ask more at the help desk about registration

Email: marthamarieharlam@gmail.com.                   Twitter: @m_harlam

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Ataxia – a tale of survival and hope

A Member of the Solution Project

“The doctors stood around my bed as they gave their diagnosis of the neurological tests. They were all unanimous in their decision. They all said I would need to give up my singing contracts and start to retrain for a new profession. But what that should be, they didn’t say. This was a scary pivotal moment in my life. “

A Member of the Solution Project